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T'ai Chi with Micky

Exploring the connections between Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit has informed Micky’s personal t'ai chi practice over the past 30 years.


After initial study with John Kells in London, he then moved to Devon to train under Peter Choy, where he has now been teaching for 25 years (see Three Rivers T’ai Chi).


Micky continues to practice and train in Qi Gong and Zhan Zhuang and Yang Style T'ai Chi, exploring different disciplines with a variety of teachers to enhance and develop his understanding and practical application of the arts.


The principles and practice of T'ai Chi can support you in connecting to your inner qualities, helping you to find more strength, stamina, peace and energy both physically and mentally.

Studies have shown that Tai Chi can help people of all ages to reduce stress, improve balance, breathing and general mobility and functionality, and increase muscle strength, especially in the legs.

Additionally, t'ai chi practice allows you to focus your intention on feeling better for more of the time, as well as achieving more in your life.

The Three River's T'ai Chi school welcomes you, whether you are a beginner, or have experience in either Yang or another style. Classes are friendly and informal and provide the perfect space and atmosphere in which to engage in practical learning, inner inquiry

and personal enrichment. 

Three Rivers T'ai Chi

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