Massage and Motion @ Moved to Move

Do you want better movement, less pain and more enjoyment out of life?

Had enough of niggly aches and pains?


Want some help to move more easily? 

Frustrated by a sports-related, occupational or general musculoskeletal injury?

Just want to give your body a bit of TLC for 'general maintenance'?

Soft Tissue Therapy (including clinical, sports and remedial massage, remedial exercise and advice) can help you:

  • relieve pain and discomfort

  • recover from injury

  • prevent injury

  • improve sports performance

  • improve posture and function

  • move more easily

  • reduce stress levels

  • enjoy life more!

Contact us NOW for a FREE 30 minute consultation and mini-treatment with Suzi or Micky to find out if Soft Tissue Therapy treatments can help you!

(Members of ISRMCNHC and CIMSPA)



Minor Musculoskeletal Injury Assessment & Rehab

Clinical Sports Massage

Remedial Massage & Movement Therapy

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                         Soft Tissue Therapy