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Moved to Move

Movement and Meditation to Music

Moved to Move brings together two things that we are both passionate

about: Conscious Living and Movement.


In addition, we are especially enthusiastic about making Movement Practice

- as part of supporting one’s overall physical, mental and emotional health and

well-being - accessible to as many people as possible*.


This can be especially relevant as we move towards, and in to, our later years of life where ‘aging’ myths often plant seeds of doubt as to what we can safely engage in or achieve, and where limitations are often born out of fear, or at the very least, mis-information.


However, regardless of whether you have never ‘exercised’ in your life, are returning to movement and fitness (e.g. following an injury, pregnancy or child rearing), are a ‘weekend warrior’ or fitness fanatic, or are a practicing sportsperson, our classes have something to offer you.


Because we facilitate the majority of our classes together, as one of our class members, you can benefit from the continual presence of an instructor at the front to follow, with additional 1:1 attention when you need it. This allows us to continually adapt and modify class content to suit your individual needs or training programme.





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A gentle movement to music class for all abilities, with no experience necessary. Experience increased flexibility, mobility, stability and balance. Improves mind-body connection, breathing and relaxation. Incorporates t'ai chi, yoga and pilates elements. You will need comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely, a yoga mat, blanket (optional) and drinking water. This is a barefoot class.



A guided relaxation and meditation class. After warming up with very gentle movement, most of this class takes place in stillness. Inspiring music, with some silence, to support and nourish you. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat, blanket and drinking water to support your comfort during the session. No experience necessary.



Coming soon: Basic elements of qi gong and t'ai chi movement-to-music class.

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NEXT EVENT: Moved to Move Open Day, Totnes, Devon  September 2019

(Date and details TBC)

Workshops and Retreats

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*Please note: we are currently qualified and insured to work with people who are 14 years of age and over. 

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