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Moved to Move

Gentle classes incorporating movement and meditation, music and silence, to support your mind-body connection and enhance your well-being.

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Soft Tissue Therapy: Massage (inc. sports injury, remedial and relaxing), deep tissue therapy, injury assessment, rehabilitation, recovery, and prevention, posture and functional improvement, advanced techniques.

Three Rivers
     T'ai Chi

Connecting Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit.

The  mindful practice that brings you so many benefits. Classes, workshops and one-to-one sessions available.

What are we all about?


We are committed to creating connection by meeting ourselves, each other and the world with an active curiosity and a ready willingness to open to, and allow, change. This supports and promotes our own personal growth and well-being. In turn, it affords us the opportunity to have more of ourselves to give to each other, the people around us and the wider world.


We encourage a continual, deepening presence and awareness in all aspects of ourselves and our lives, as well as in each other. This, and the witnessing, accepting and honouring of our discoveries, moves us forwards into an increasingly fulfilling experience of life.  


As we engage with our ‘inner work’ and create internal shifts, experience has shown us that our external circumstances also change, reflecting back to us the bounty and benefits of our efforts and attention.


Why ‘Open Two Change’?


We are called Open Two Change because being ‘open to change’ involves a connection, a relationship, between two parts. The relationship may be between different parts of ourselves, either different aspects of our personalities, or between our mind and body; it may be between ourselves and an external environment or situation; or it may be between ourselves and another.


When we start to work more consciously with both parts of these relationships we can create, and tap in to, an increased energy supply. More than just the sum of the two parts, we generate transformation to the power of two.

What do we do?


We have found that one of the most immediate, accessible and effective ways we can start to engage more fully with ourselves is through the body: through the simple - but not always easy - practice of mindfully exploring breath, sensation, and movement.

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